"HugNation" is webby-award winning weekly video podcast.
When co-host Grandpa Caleb died this year, grandson John decided
to take his message to the streets for a charity "hug tour" in honor of Grandpa.

*RV mural is in progress


The physical tour will be in the month of October. But the journey and publicity surrounding the event has already begun. www.Hugmobile.com already features a number of shows about the adoption and ongoing transformation of the "HugMobile." New shows are being uploaded 2x a week.

The Hug Tour has already been the subject of an interview on the Webby Winning "Jet Set Show" with tons of buzz circulating in the videoblogging community. (We were even asked to come to Virginia Tech and hug the returning students, but that is not within the scope of this tour.)


In addition to the publicity of the tour in traditional and online press there are a number of additional benefits for sponsors.

1) "powered by YOUR NAME " and a short video ad will be a part of all videos uploaded to all sites. (main sponsor only)

2) "powered by YOUR NAME " will be emblazed on the RV itself and spread the word along 1000's of miles of highway, from border to border. (main sponsor only)

3) A professionally designed and produced DVD showing hilights of hugnation is being created (1000 unit first run). This will be distributed to press as well as given to supporters of the tour. The packaging will include text and logos of tour sponsors.


The main point of the tour is to spread love and light. But we're also trying to raise money for Grandpa's favorite charities, too. And since he was such a good sport about adopting new technologies, we're gonna do this bakesale Web 2.0 style!

So we've created a series of "Hug Funds" using fundable.com for each of Grandpa's favorite charities. Each fund will give 50% of the money to the designated charity, and the other half will go towards funding the tour. (If enough sponsor money comes in, this percentage will change)

The charities are: Make-A-Wish, Heifer.org, and Kip Ripley's work in Thailand freeing sex slaves.(Kip was a long time friend and Grandpa has helped fund her work for years.)

Everyone who contributes to the Hug Funds will recieve the Special Edition DVD filled with Grandpa's Love Energy.



HugNation is seeking 3 types of sponsorship to offset costs and share all the yummy promotional publicity. Sponsorships are for a 4 month period (July through end of October)

Main Sponsorship = $6000
"Powered by ..." online branding, RV signage, & DVD packaging

DVD Sponsor = $1000
logo and text on DVD packaging sent to press and all donors.

Streaming Sponsor = $2000
Exclusive partner for live streaming of Hugmobile Tour adventures from the road! online branding / uploaded videos / and DVD.

Want to help in other ways? Contact us!

questions? contact John Halcyon Styn john@styn.net




HugNation is a project of love run by Halcyon & Royal Pink Productions, LLC.